Photographer Eiji Yamamoto

Eiji YAMAMOTO, professional photographer and PhotoAritst, from Japan.

Since 2007 Eiji Yamamoto lives in Saarbrücken, Germany, married.

While studying in Munich, he started as a photographer and did both a tourist photo and a street photo for a magazine, a learning book and an event, as well as portrait and a stage concert photo for e.g. CD, poster, magazine, theater program and flyer.


My favorite photographer is Herbie Yamaguchi (1950-),  Robert Doisneau (1912-1994), Frank Horvat(1928-), Henri Cartier-Bresson(1908-2004), Sabine Weiss(1924-) and Vivian Maier(1926-2009).

My favorite photography field is Street and Portrait. My favorite image is a picture of people and the images of people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions (even though people are not shown). I think that a photo is a dialogue and communication between a photographer and an (invisible) person.


—– Gear —–

Gear – Photographer Eiji Yamamoto

Previously, I used several Digital and Analog SLR cameras. However, I was concerned about the noise of the SLR cameras during the concert and the stage rehearsal, and when I got Olympus system camera E-P1 in 2009, I gradually switched from SLR camera to system camera.

Until 2016 — (m4/3, 4/3 Bajonett and analog photography)
2017 — (Fujifilm X-Bajonett, a few m4/3t and analog photography )

My favorite films are Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5.
Epson printer, Hahnemühle and canson.
VSCO film



—– Exhibition —–

monochrome – Eiji Yamamoto Photography

2019  Solo exhibition, Shiga, Japan
2019  Solo exhibition, Saarbrücken, Germany
2018-2019  Solo exhibition, Saarbrücken, Germany
2018  Solo exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2018  Photomovie Concert, Tokyo, Japan
2018  Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2015  Solo exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2014  Photomovie Concert, Tokyo, Japan
2014-2015  Exhibition, Shigaraki, Japan
2013-2014  Solo exhibition, Shigaraki, Japan
2013  Solo exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2013  Solo exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2013  Solo exhibition, Osaka, Japan
2013  Solo exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2013  Exhibition, Yokohama, Japan
2011  2 x Photomovie Concert, Tokyo, Japan
2010  Prize winner exhibition Osaka, Japan
2010  Prize winner exhibition Tokyo, Japan
2010  Solo exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2010  Exhibition Iwate, Japan
2009  Solo exhibition, Iwate, Japan


At the exhibitions in Japan the photos are sold.
A1 size costs approximately 3.000, -Eur / A2 size 2.000, -Eur / A3 size 1.000, -Eur
All original print with wooden frame.