It is raining quietly outside the window. While listening to the rain sound I took a picture. There is only one photographer and one model in a small room. Only the breath of the photographer, breathing of the model, shutter sound of the camera is heard. There is nothing other than those in the room that got quiet. Outside rain sound emphasizes the tranquility of the room more.

And the color is totally noise. The photographer shot in black and white in order to erase the noise. When simple and quiet, beauty is more emphasized. Tight muscle, soft skin, gaze to tell something, Everything is beautiful. In Japanese there is the word “Wabi-sabi”. Wabi-sabi are Japanese senses of beauty, which mean “Beauty within simplicity” and the attitude of seeking beauty and inner contentment. And regarding photography, I think that the distance between the photographer and the model is important. They do not talk to each other, but they both have the same feeling. There is the photographer and the model in the small room, the world that the two together will create. The Silent distance makes the model’s beauty more beautiful and impressive.